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The project is being organized by Financial and Insurance market experts. Syndiqate Project Team has impeccable reputation and personal entrepreneurial and managerial experience of more than 20 years in creating and implementing successful business projects, as well as many years of experience on classical insurance market. The Team implemented the InsurTech project, which has been later successfully sold to the largest player in the insurance market of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Syndiqate is a club-based crypto insurance community united on a platform offering the market unique insurance products built on a multi-platform and micro-service software and hardware system, using blockchain, smart contracts and NFT technologies. Technology and business fusion makes the Project exclusive. It allows the crypto market to protect its investments in crypto projects without the complicated security and AML and KYC requirements.

The Syndiqate Project products are focused on Investments, Insurance and Hedging, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, Mining, Start-ups, Technology, and Games.

Syndiqate Project Products

Syndiqate Project offers two following products protecting investments in crypto projects:

Investment Protection Against Asset Impairment Risk will be available at and on partner crypto exchanges by paying a membership fee.

Payment of the membership fee to protect investments in crypto projects will only be available in Syndiqate Tokens (SQAT).

Payment of the membership fee to protect investments in crypto projects will only be available in Syndiqate Tokens (SQAT).

The membership fee is calculated in SQAT at the market rate of the Token at the moment of the user’s application.

In the first three months after the official launch of the Syndiqate Project, SQAT will be accepted by the Project at a rate of not less than $0.60.

Syndiqate Token (SQAT)

Syndiqate's proprietary digital cryptographically secured token (SQAT) is designed for the purpose of operating the system on the Syndiqate platform, and is intended to be used exclusively as the primary service token on the platform. The main purpose of the SQAT is for mutual settlement between all platform members. The Token will be used in the following ways:

Payment of the membership fee (payment of insurance products and protection)

Payment of insurance claims

Payment for referral programs

Cashback and bonus payment

Payment for internal system services and products

Payment for personalized subscriptions and protection program settings

Investments in IDO, IEO pools

Stacking programs

The SQAT will be released to the market according to the following schedule:

Seed Round, July 2022;

Private Sale Round, August 2022;

Public Sale Round, September 2022.

Subsequent distribution of the SQAT will be through public trading using partner crypto exchanges. The 1st exchange listing for the public sale will take place in October 2022.

Terms of the SQAT Purchase in Public Sale Round

The SQAT Tokens purchased in the Public Sale Round will be sold without the smart contract freeze and will be 100% available at the time of purchase.


1 SQAT worth $0.3

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